Winters are long in Sweden, and once the cheer and festivities of Christmas and New Year are over, January and February can seem to drag on forever. A perfect time to recharge the batteries and head to warmer climes. We chose a Yoga and Ayurvedic retreat in the jungles of Sri Lanka. A total disconnect, to the world and to technology, no phones, internet, laptops, ipads, just reconnecting, the kind of facetime that does not involve a phone!

Ulpotha is a paradise, to wake up to the call of monkeys, with the sunrise, all of nature awakening is the only alarm clock needed.  Two hour yoga sessions leave us energized and ready to start the day. Ayurvedic treatments with oil massages, Massage therapists who knead out all the knots and stress of our everyday lives, the world we left behind seems to be very, very far away. As the morning yoga is challenging and energizing the evening one is focussed on breathing, stretching and relaxation. Delicious Sri Lankan vegetarian meals are cooked over wood burning stoves, all produce coming from the village and locally grown. We gather for dinners around the soft light of oil lamps as there is no electricity. The guests come from all over the world, and we quickly become one family, everything is easy and uncomplicated and the lack of technology eases communication.

View of rice fields from our hut.
Our mud hut.
Beautiful flowers everywhere.


Chandini at the Ayurvedic Centre.
The rice fields.
Early morning hike uphill to view the sunrise.


Viewing the sunrise over the valley from the Monastery.
Viewing the sunrise over the valley from the Monastery.
Morning hike uphill to the monastery to view the sunrise.
We gather for lunch.
An array of delicious Sri Lankan dishes cooked twice a day.
An array of delicious Sri Lankan dishes cooked twice a day.
Everything grown in Ulpotha.
Everything grown in Ulpotha.
The Breakfast Hut.
The Breakfast Hut.
The Ulpotha monkeys.
The Ulpotha monkeys.
The brilliant James DeMaria.
The walk to the main house.
Massage therapist extraordinaire, Boris.


Back in the winter in Stockholm, I close my eyes and transport myself to that lovely paradise called Ulpotha.

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