Winter in Stockholm

We have had some magical winter wonderland snowy weather in the past two months. Unfortunately the plus and minus yoyoing has left a lot of slush and ice everywhere, including the fields where my dog has her run everyday.

Resembling Bambi on ice I am trying to keep my balance. And for now waiting and longing for Spring to arrive.

Here are some photos of Stockholm winter at its best.

IMG_3195IMG_3203 IMG_3210 IMG_3226 IMG_3233

The sunsets have also been spectacular.P1000200 P1000208 P1000211



Tuesday was Fettisdagen, Fat Tuesday, when Swedes all over the country eat semla, the bun that is filled with a sweet almond paste, cream and cardamom. This year the famous Tosse Bakery in Stockholm came out with their own version, the semmelwrap, a semla in a wrap. Pure deliciousness all wrapped up and ready to go. Definitely a hit and in danger of being addictive!

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4 thoughts on “Winter in Stockholm

  1. Dear V, I admire your fortitude for mucking about in the snow. You do make it seem magical in your lovely Stockholm. It is just to cold for me to venture out much here in the Mid-West. Thank you fro sharing your lovely photography. Your friend, Anita

  2. Breathtaking scenery though I don’t envy you walking your dog in the cold. The Selma bun looks divine. I wish I could sink my teeth into one right now!!

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