The Art of Bookshelves

I have spent the past week emptying out my book boxes, and organising them into my custom built wall to wall bookshelf. There never seems enough space for our books and as much as I think the idea of styled bookshelves with pretty things looks fabulous, in our home, they are filled to the brim with books. Colour blocking would never work for me either, it’s not possible to find a book just by the colour of its spine. Books are in every room in my home, and to me they are linked to the story of my life through the years. I have had to get rid of many of them as we simply cannot fit them all in our home, and it really is like parting with very good friends. I might slowly convert over to the paperless route, but it will take a while before I can completely resist the lure of a good bookstore and spending hours just browsing.  Then leaving the store so filled with anticipation of the hours to come reading the books I’ve bought.

I have hundreds of pins on my Pinterest Board on Bookshelves, here are some of my favourites.

Foldes Architects, Hungary.
Elle Decor
Karl Lagerfeld
Team Form AG, Interlubke.
Diane Bergeron



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