Easter in Stockholm

Stockholm gets deserted during the Easter weekend, when most people leave for their holiday cottages, the first long weekend signifying spring and a perfect time to open up those dusty holiday cottages or head up to the mountains for that last chance to ski. Easter celebrations here is a secular one, and is a very festive time to get together with extended family. It is said that on Maundy Thursday witches flew on their brooms to Blåkulla to dance with the devil, so little girls dress up like witches with painted faces and knock on the neighbours’ doors for treats.

Easter Sunday this year happens to also be my birthday, so it will be a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends. Here are some photos from the lovely Stockholm Archipelago taken at a friend’s place on Good Friday. Happy Easter!

Birthday bouquet.
Birthday bouquet on Easter Sunday in my favourite Dagg Vase.





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