Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town.

I was in Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s Old Town) on Friday to buy flowers. Headed out there to Christoffers Blommor at Kåkbrinken 10, a beautiful and very charming flower shop in the old part of the city. It is always a pleasure to walk through those narrow old cobbled streets. It is filled with Design and Handicraft boutiques, and also the touristy souvenir shops as this place is normally packed with tourists in the summer. The florist very kindly helped me put together a bouquet for my giant Dagg vase from Svensk Tenn. She was so helpful, friendly and thoughtful, it was a pleasure to walk out of there with a large bouquet of gorgeous blooms.






Gamla Stan is also known to be a culinary haven with some of the best restaurants in Stockholm located here. Great place to go to for a meal or a drink, is celebrated chef Marco Baudone’s Kornhamnstorg 53. Although we were looking to have coffee and a pastry, I loved the fact that the chef/owner himself came up to us with a suggestion for something sweet as they did not have any of the traditional Swedish fika buns. The service so personal, the cake so delicious and a cosy, warm ambience makes this a place I will definitely go back to.





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