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Charlotte Bonde Jewellery is pure eye candy. They are stunning, bold statement pieces, elegant, yet with an edge to them. Seen often on celebrities in Sweden, and a firm favourite of Princess Victoria , they stand out in their originality, something hard to achieve in today’s highly saturated jewellery market. Charlotte Bonde Jewellery is available at leading Department Stores in Stockholm. Below is an interview with the designer.

Fashion and beautiful fabrics were part of your growing up, how much of this inspired you to have your own line of jewellery?

My inspiration comes from my family, in the way Fashion, Design and Interior Design has always been essential to us. My grandparents were entrepreneurs in the fashion industry which also inspired me in a sense that nothing is impossible, hard work matters and style is in your mind and personal style rather than fleeting trends. That is something I always try to have in mind when making my collections. My other great inspiration is architecture, my first collection Astrid was inspired by Moorish Art and Architecture, the elements in the composition and design is taken from architectural forms from Alhambra in Spain.

Also the Amber Palace in Jaipur has been a great inspiration. One of my collections “Irma” was inspired from a roof ornament at the palace, this ornament was the fundamental core and inspiration for this collection.

How often do you introduce new pieces to your collection?

I introduce two collections each year, Spring /Summer and Autumn/Winter.

How do you feel you have evolved since you first started designing?

I have evolved in a way that I want to keep my collections more together, at first I made so many different variations, and now my collections are born from the present, the design language and forms are the same but in new shapes.

Could you explain the design process from the thought and inspiration to the end result of your beautiful pieces?

It often starts with a form, for example a tower of a beautiful Fort. The form grows in my mind and I start to use it as components in my jewellery design, often, precious stones get involved and the piece is born!

Do you have a favourite Swedish Jewellery Designer?

Wiwen Nilsson for his clean, minimal Scandinavian cool designs. A master at blending the classical with a modern twist and getting the light in the minerals out in the best way possible. His designs are as relevant today as they were in the 1930s and I have been very inspired by him.

What can we look forward to seeing in the future for Charlotte Bonde Jewellery?

I want to continue to investigate architecture, and make smaller designs, keeping the same design language as the the large statement pieces I want to continue doing.

I feel strongly about individuality in design, so many brands today look too much the same.

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