Celebrating one year of creative fun.

As February comes to an end, I think it is only fitting that I should celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging with a post dedicated to all the creative and immensely inspiring people I have had the opportunity to interview. I have enjoyed blogging on my travels and different events in Stockholm, but the interviews have taken such a main focus and given me a lot of energy. It has been personally very rewarding, and I have been happy to share the stories of these remarkable people. I am also very thrilled that my blog has been read in 107 countries around the world!

Here is my one year Hall of Fame, click on the names for the link to the interviews.

The flower arrangement in the feature photo here is from my first blog post on a lovely Yoga and Ayurvedic retreat in Sri Lanka, Ulpotha.


frida fjellman 1

Artist Frida Fjellman.


Entrepreneur and Author Helena Schmidt Thurow of True Blue Design.


Designer Anna Kraitz.


Artist Matthias van Arkel.

Nelle Renberg Andersen

Danish Television Producer Nelle Renberg Andersen.


American/Icelandic Designer Chuck Mack.

Lies-Marie Hoffman

Wood Artist Lies-Marie Hoffman.

1506 Christina LH Residence 354 (1)

Designer Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm. 


Karin Söderlind, CEO of House of Dagmar, and one of the three sisters behind the fashion label.


Photographer Johan Strindberg.


Entrepreneur Nathalie Paillarse of Ex Voto Paris.


Artist Astrid Sylwan.


Natalia Brzezinski, at the end of her husband’s 4 year term as U.S Ambassador to Sweden. She has now gone on to be the CEO of the Brilliant Minds Symposium, hosts the Stand Out podcast and is on the board of the Polar Music Prize Sweden, among many other things.

jim thorell

Artist Jim Thorell.

Hampus Bernhoff

Fashion Designer Hampus Bernhoff.


Art Collector Tom Böttiger.


Jewellery Designer Charlotte Bonde.

Björn and Lillemor Jakobson.

Artipelag Founder Björn Jakobson.

Eva Lilja_3263

Designer Eva Lilja-Löwenhielm.

Jules Nilsson

Author and Publisher Juliet Nilsson of The Hounds of Falsterbo.


Entrepreneurs Lisa and Carl Thoren of Skateboard company ProSk8.

Glass Designer Gunnel Sahlin.

Frederik Alexander Werner profil sortHvid

Designer Frederik Werner.


Designer Eva Schildt.


Artist Cara Nahaul.

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Global nomad, transnational, a fusion of East and West and a lover of Scandinavian aesthetics.

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  1. BIG CONGRATULATIONS, Vimala!!!!!! I admire you so much!!!! More success is coming your way!!!!


    Gina Jiménez Buitrón Grönvägen 5D 23232 Arlöv SWEDEN Mobile 00 46 (0)703 212627



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