Compact Living Swedish Style.

When choosing to live in the city, we gave up generous living space for a more compact living. The convenience of being able to walk everywhere and have so much life around us, especially in those long dark winter months, being able to do things more spontaneously, mattered much more to us than having a larger space for the same amount of money, in the suburbs. As Stockholm is a very green city, we are close to nature and surrounded by lots of green space so that is not an issue either. With the city experiencing a severe housing shortage and the constantly rising price of real estate, it is very normal for people to live in small compact spaces.

The Swedes are brilliant when it comes to  planning compact living space, and this post is a perfect example of how you can live effectively in just 20sqm. The apartment belongs to stylist and blogger Josefin Hååg, and is now up for sale with realtors Fantastic Frank.

Josefin Hååg11Josefin Hååg10Josefin Hååg7Josefin Hååg6Josefin Hååg5Josefin Hååg4Josefin Hååg3Josefin Hååg2Josefin Hååg1Josefin Hååg 10Josefin Hååg 9


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