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Footwear Designer Andrea Reschia. V Söderqvist Blog.

Stockholm based Argentinian Andrea Reschia is the force behind the rock chic footwear label Reschia. With a background in Fashion and Textile studies in Buenos Aires, and many years experience in the footwear industry in Argentina and Italy, it was love that brought her to Sweden.  In Stockholm Reschia worked with top Swedish Fashion brands such as Carin Wester, Hope, Rodebjer and Whyred. She launched the Reschia brand 4 years ago in Stockholm, where they are sold online and in the prestigious NK department store.

Footwear Designer Andrea Reschia, V Söderqvist Blog.
Andrea Reschia.


You studied textile and fashion design in Argentina, how did you get into the footwear business?

I was always very interested in three-dimensional design, after working several years designing and producing flat fabrics, I had decided to embark on a study related to shoes. This led me to Milan to study footwear design and pattern making.

You have worked with some of the top Swedish fashion brands producing their footwear, how different was this experience compared to your previous markets in Argentina and Italy?

The difference is basically in the handling of clear information that refers to a simple, modern and functional design.
Also in Sweden everyone works with a lot of planning time in advance, that’s a great advantage to solve problems, if any should arise.

What made you decide to start your own brand?

I had worked for almost 10 years producing shoes for the best brands in Scandinavia, so it was my time to show my own vision.

What are the challenges in starting your own footwear line?

With your own label and as a shoe designer you have more demands and commitments doing it on your own but there is also the satisfaction of seeing your shoes walking around the world …

Can you describe the process of designing to manufacture?

Shoe design is quite complicated, it is a long process from the sketch to the real prototype, resembling the design process of a lamp or a car. All the components, upper soles, heels, soles should be combined so that the object has functionality. Sketch, plastic shapes (moulds) selection, heels, soles, leather for the upper soles, everything has to be perfectly chosen and that results in the first prototype created. After that all the fitting tests are next, changes, new samples, until we get the perfect shoe.

Reschia shoes have an edgy, rock chic look to them, is there a specific type of woman you design for?

The Reschia woman is contemporary, art inspired and design conscious. She wants quality and long lasting shoes.

Has living and working in Sweden changed the way you design?

Absolutely. I have become a monochrome designer.

How many new collections do you launch every year?

Generally two collections. But this year we will introduce a resort collection.

Which shoe designer had the biggest influence on you when you started out?

A combination between Dr Martens and Terry de Havilland.

In your opinion what is the most important element in shoe design?

Build the best sole.

Is sustainability a factor in your designs?

We are a label that works with the idea of keeping our classic shoes pieces and offering variations of them, so we guarantee a long product life. So yes, sustainability is a factor.

Do you wear other brands, and if yes, what is your favourite?

I only wear Reschia now, but before I used to wear Dr Martens, Terry de Havilland, Martin Margiela, and the local designers Rodebjer and Whyred when the shoes were made in Argentina through my company.

Is there a plan to go international?

We are planning to go international and are working on it now. Although the Scandinavian market is fantastic, it is very small .

What are you working on now?

The Spring/Summer17 design collection is done, we are preparing the launch of a resort collection, and planning to go to some international fairs.
We are also dreaming of having our own flagship store soon, to have a closer relationship with our Reschia fans.

Reschia SS16 cross sandal in black snake. Photo: Bianca Van Dam.
SS16 cross sandal in black snake. Photo: Bianca Van Dam.
The Rugged Boot, a Reschia bestseller.
The Rugged Boot, a Reschia bestseller.
Reschia Saint SS16.
Reschia Saint SS16.
Reschia Crossed Sandal in Nappa.
Crossed Sandal in Nappa.
Reschia Rugged Boot in Python. AW16
Rugged Boot in python. To be launched for Autumn/Winter16 collection.




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