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Stunning Classical Scandinavian Apartments

There is nothing like a stunning turn of the century classical Scandinavian Apartment,  with its high ceilings, big windows, tiled stoves, intricate moulding and plasterwork. I have compiled some of my recent favourites. Many of them are not quite the minimalism that you come to expect of Scandinavian interiors, with dramatic and glamorous rooms, and bold in their use of colour.

Starting off with images of Designer Oliver Gustav whose home in Copenhagen was featured in the latest New York Times Magazine.

Designer Oliver Gustav in his Living Room.

All images Henry Bourne. New York Times T Magazine.

Living Room of David and Charlotta Zetterstöm, owners of the very successful Fabrique bakery chain.

Photos: Jonas Ingerstedt for Sköna Hem

Home of Estelle Nordenfalk, the woman behind one of Stockholm’s biggest yoga studios, Yogayama.

Photos: Erik Lefvander Residence Magazine.

The home of Johan and Isabel, Laurinska Huset in Södermalm, Stockholm, built in 1891.

Photos: Amelia Widell Residence Magazine.

The home of Stockholm’s glamorous fashion entrepreneur Nathalie Shuterman.

The dressing room.

Photos Martin Löf Residence Magazine

Stockholm Apartment of stylist Hanna Wessman.

Photos: Erik Lefvander Residence Magazine