The Palmgren House – John Pawson

The Palmgren House sits on the shores of Lake Drevviken, south of Stockholm. A minimalist, boxy architecture that quietly blends into its environment with the changing of the seasons. With the use of materials like granite, limestone and teakwood, the open plan architecture of the interiors provide a seamless connection to the nature outside. Taking seven years for […]

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Dijon, France.

To continue our journey through Burgundy, our next stop after Epernay was Dijon, the capital city of Burgundy. Staying at the very centrally located Quality Hotel du Nord at Place Darcy, we were within walking distance from all that we wanted to see. It was a simmering hot day when we arrived in Dijon with temperatures […]

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Artipelag and “Earth Matters”

Björn Jakobson Artipelag "Earth Matters" photo: Vimala Söderqvist

There exists among the Swedish people, an intrinsic love and respect for nature. This is the land where everyone is free to roam and enjoy nature without laws of trespassing even on private property, and they have a name for it, Allemansrätten. Björn Jakobson is an example of one such Swede. With his love for nature, the forests, […]

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