Artist Interview – Eva Hild

Eva Hild interview V Söderqvist Scandinavian Art & Design Talks.

Eva Hild is one of Sweden’s most respected contemporary artists. Her organic, ethereal clay sculptures are hand-built, all in the same thickness, then sand papered, fired and painted. Her large metal forms grace public spaces both in Sweden and abroad. As delicate as these thin, meandering, continuously flowing sculptures look, there is also a tension […]

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Natalia Brzezinski – Up Close and Personal.

Natalia Brzezinski is a woman who wears many hats. As wife of the U.S Ambassador to Sweden, Mark Brzezinski, Natalia has been extremely active in representing her country at all official events. She is also a mother to a young child, a journalist, a public speaker and communicator with an unwavering energy to speak out on […]

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The Collector – Tom Böttiger

Tom Böttiger is a passionate collector of contemporary art, mainly by Swedish artists. Walking into the office of internet consultants Cloud Nine in Stockholm, of which Tom is the Founder, one is greeted by artwork everywhere you look, in the form of paintings, photography and sculptures spread out all over the office space. Among this, […]

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