Stunning Classical Scandinavian Apartments

The home of Stockholm's glamorous fashion queen Nathalie Shuterman.

There is nothing like a stunning turn of the century classical Scandinavian Apartment,  with its high ceilings, big windows, tiled stoves, intricate moulding and plasterwork. I have compiled some of my recent favourites. Many of them are not quite the minimalism that you come to expect of Scandinavian interiors, with dramatic and glamorous rooms, and […]

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Finnish Blue in the Hamptons

I dare say that Spring has sprung in Stockholm! I am going ahead of myself in this post with a Summer House inspiration I simply could not resist. Featured in the Remodelista book, this home is bursting with beautiful and elegant hues of deep blue throughout. The house belongs to Tiina Laakonen, stylist and owner […]

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