Stunning Classical Scandinavian Apartments

The home of Stockholm's glamorous fashion queen Nathalie Shuterman.

There is nothing like a stunning turn of the century classical Scandinavian Apartment,  with its high ceilings, big windows, tiled stoves, intricate moulding and plasterwork. I have compiled some of my recent favourites. Many of them are not quite the minimalism that you come to expect of Scandinavian interiors, with dramatic and glamorous rooms, and […]

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Designer Interview – Eva Lilja Löwenhielm

Eva Lilja Löwenhielm - V Söderqvist Blog

Eva Lilja Löwenhielm is a multi faceted designer. Growing up she was influenced by her grandfather who was an established name in the world of Shop Window Displays and later building Stage and Film Sets. Studying Set Design and Advertising in High School Eva then went on to work for NK, the city’s largest and […]

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Book Launch – Blommande Rum, Gunnar Kaj. Vases by Gunnel Sahlin.

Gunnar Kaj is a leading Floral Artist in Sweden whose creative and fantastical floral displays have graced 14 Nobel Prize Banquets. He has also been taking his stunning floral decorations abroad at State sponsored and Diplomatic events. His first book “Låt Det Blomma” won Book of The Year in the Garden category in 2012. Today his […]

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