Stunning Classical Scandinavian Apartments

The home of Stockholm's glamorous fashion queen Nathalie Shuterman.

There is nothing like a stunning turn of the century classical Scandinavian Apartment,  with its high ceilings, big windows, tiled stoves, intricate moulding and plasterwork. I have compiled some of my recent favourites. Many of them are not quite the minimalism that you come to expect of Scandinavian interiors, with dramatic and glamorous rooms, and […]

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Designer Interview – Andrea Reschia

Footwear Designer Andrea Reschia. V Söderqvist Blog.

Stockholm based Argentinian Andrea Reschia is the force behind the rock chic footwear label Reschia. With a background in Fashion and Textile studies in Buenos Aires, and many years experience in the footwear industry in Argentina and Italy, it was love that brought her to Sweden.  In Stockholm Reschia worked with top Swedish Fashion brands such as Carin Wester, […]

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Artist Interview – Matthias van Arkel

Matthias van Arkel‘s unique, vibrant Silicone Rubber Paintings are very sculptural and is the result of a fearlessness in experimentation and in constantly being curious and investigative of his art. The work has covered walls of large public spaces, as well as paintings and in the form of art cubes. Using a modified pasta machine […]

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Designer Interview – Lies-Marie Hoffmann

Sweden based German Artist, Lies-Marie Hoffmann has the ability to turn fallen elm trees into magnificent  and artistic works of functional design. Her design for the first Aesop boutique in Stockholm won the Design S Award for Furniture and Interior Design together with the architect firm In Praise of Shadows. This is a National Design Award […]

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Stockholm – Södermalm

A jaunt to Södermalm or Söder as it is known here in Stockholm, a district south of the city. An island that is connected by several bridges to other districts, it is the bohemian part of Stockholm. Unlike the traditionally posh Östermalm, Söder offers more diversity, favoured by the more creative, hipster crowd. A variety […]

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town.

I was in Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s Old Town) on Friday to buy flowers. Headed out there to Christoffers Blommor at Kåkbrinken 10, a beautiful and very charming flower shop in the old part of the city. It is always a pleasure to walk through those narrow old cobbled streets. It is filled with Design and […]

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